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Mintzlab chemical fume hoods

Fume hoods were first used in the Victorian era in Thomas Edison's lab, since then safety regulations in laboratories for employee health and environmental awareness have changed and increased, the materials used are new and have features that contribute to their durability and of course, the technology that is evolving and changing contributes to the quality of work and life.

What is a fume hood and what is its function?

A chemical fume hood dispels particles from space and its role is to reduce the risk to the health of those present in the space during the emission of toxic fumes, dust and other volatile substances.

Fume hoods - How Does It Work?

Inside the fume hood, a blower is installed which produces negative pressure inside the fume hood, as the fume hood continues to work, the negative pressure grows and the air in the space is sucked into the blower.

Working in a space with a high-quality fume hood prevents inhalation of toxic substances by the user

Disables effects of the substances in the air that may affect the product or experiment being carried out

Protects the environment from toxic substances that are present in the air and are transferred into the filters in the fume hood.

The air that enters the fume hood passes through a filter whose job is to remove the harmful substances from the air and return it, clean, to the work space.

* Adapting the fume hood to the work area, according to the size of the space, the needs of the laboratory and the workers and the work environment

* Contributing to efficient and flowing work in a comfortable environment

* Only require light maintenance that can be done by laboratory workers

* Adapting to existing laboratory electrical and piping infrastructure

We at Mintz would love to adapt the built-in fume hood to the needs of the lab and its employees.

The company's products provide durability, functionality, efficiency, a comfortable work environment, reliability, and integration with the many infrastructure systems available in the laboratory.

 How do we do this? First, the fume hood is built in an aerodynamic manner and therefore allows for smooth airflow without swirls and optimum flushing, in addition, the fume hood contains flame retardant materials and a special coating that protects the user from glass shards.

But above all, Mintz's fume hoods are manufactured according to the Israeli, American and European standards, especially since this is laboratory furniture - safety is above all. That is why we follow the strictest standards.

The laboratory is a demanding and meticulous work environment and at the same time is also the opening for discovery and creation. We at Mintz understand this, which is why we have developed the G-Labsystem: a solution that combines functionality with design and encourages creativity in the workplace.

Alongside the aesthetics of the modular lab, its hallmark is the ability to assemble systems that are custom-tailored to the customer's requirement in a personal and precise manner in every space.

To this we add the ability to make future changes as needs change. Fitting the systems perfectly to the client's needs creates an efficient workflow process and an optimal work environment.

 The efficient protection provided by our fume hoods has made Mintz a leader in the development and manufacture of fume hoods in Israel today. Israel's leading organizations, companies, and research institutes repeatedly select Mintz fume hoods and demonstrate uncompromising safety and efficiency.

Mintz and fume hoods

* We do not compromise on work safety and therefore both production and installation work according to strict international standards

* The fume hoods include flame retardant materials and are manufactured in aerodynamic design that improves volatilization outside of space without vortices.

If the lab opening is close or the lab is already running, and a fume hood is required because it is important for you to maintain air quality at the workstation

Above all, a high-quality fume hood is a safe fume hood. Therefore, we at Mintz produce fume hoods that provide the lab staff with maximum protection.

Another significant advantage of Mintz's fume hoods is the complete customization to the client's needs, who enjoys a fully custom-made fume hood, easy access to pipelines and electricity infrastructure that facilitates easy maintenance of the fume hoods.

The role of a chemical fume hood is to remove from the laboratory residues of hazardous substances and powder particles. The stripping action is done by pumping the air out of the laboratory.

Mintz manufactures various types of fume hoods that can accommodate different laboratory needs and work with diverse materials. We tailor the requested fume hood to the client's needs and make sure it fits in with the existing lab equipment.

Laboratory furniture

Mintz Furniture - the leader in the development and manufacture of fume hoods in Israel

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