About Mintz

Mintz Furniture Ltd.



Mintz specializes in the design, planning and production of advanced systems for laboratory environments. The Company manufactures laboratory furniture and fume-hoods (Cupboards) from the best quality materials and adapts its products to customer needs and the needs of the laboratories’ employees.

We provide a comprehensive solution: from the initial planning stage through installation until support and accompaniment of the project after its completion by a skilled and dedicated project manager.

The Company's history

The Company, which started as a family carpentry workshop in 1922, became well known and a leader in the branch. The Company reached at this status thanks to a thorough study of the field and the ceaseless striving for improvement and innovation in its products.

Among our customers are scientific institutions, hospitals, food and drug companies, chemical and biotechnological companies, universities and leading research institutions in the country.

Mintz is a private company located in Ness Ziona

Laboratory solutions

The Company's products excel both in their technical characteristics and in their design and aesthetic appearance. They provide durability, functionality, efficiency, a comfortable work environment, reliability, and integration with the many infrastructure systems existing in a laboratory.

The modular laboratory:

The laboratory is a demanding and meticulous work environment and at the same time the laboratory is also the entry into discoveries and creativity. We at Mintz understand this and therefore we developed a combined solution between functionality and design encouraging the joy of creativity in the work place.

G-Labsystem provides the optimal work environment comprising modular systems which are designed according to the customer’s requirements, personally and precisely for every space, whether small or large, a feature of the systems is making the flow of work in the laboratory more efficient.

Mintz fume-hoods


A safety standard in the laboratory = a guarantee of safety of the laboratory.

Mintz fume-hoods which are built under Israeli and European Standards (the most stringent), provide complete protection for the laboratory team.

The leading organizations, companies, and research institutes in Israel that choose over and over Mintz fume-hoods testify to the efficiency and safety in the laboratory. Above all, the quality fume-hoods are safe fume-hoods; these are the fume-hoods manufactured by Mintz.

The design of every new model manufactured by Mintz are examined under the above standards in a laboratory built to check the fume-hoods and established exactly for this purpose.Fridurit surfaces

Mintz plans and imports ceramic surfaces (FRIDURIT Technical Ceramics), manufactured by FRIATEC Ltd which was established in 1860.

The surfaces are manufactured in a continuing and complex process from natural raw materials. Even after many years of use, the platforms and sinks maintain their aesthetic form and full functioning without changes or damage to the material.

The surfaces excel in: resistance to chemicals, resistance to erosion, non absorption of contaminants, fire resistant, resistance to ultraviolet rays, resistance to extreme changes in temperature, they are able to bear heavy weights, do not include solvents, do not include poisonous materials, can be recycled.

Organizational structure

The Company maintains its leading status in the branch thanks to the experienced and professional team in the departments: management of projects, manufacturing, installation, production planning and control, and administration.

The team has the best existing technological means, from design to production, to carry out quality work, rapidly and precisely according to customer’s needs and expectations.