The Importance of Ceramics in Everyday Living

Most people are not aware of the different chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis, and their effect on their health. As the modern world became more industrialized, the use of sometimes-toxic chemicals, due to their cost efficiency, grew rapidly. Only later came the devastating realization of the significant health ramifications of exposure to these chemicals.
The health risks are determined by the amount and length of time of exposure, the type of chemical, and the specific way a person is exposed to the hazardous materials. The health risks are various and daunting, from organ damage to reproductive problems to cancer. People with daily contact with toxic fumes are in the highest risk group for these distressing consequences

Reducing Risks

Working in a laboratory mandates unavoidable everyday use of lethal chemicals for scientific experiments. In order to avoid unnecessary risks many careful precautions are regulated in the lab work, such as working with gloves, special goggles and open windows. A fume hood is a local ventilation enclosure that significantly limits toxic vapors and fumes, providing protection for lab workers. Understanding the type of protection a lab requires is vital for ensuring successful work of lab technicians.
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