Designing a Customized Work Space

Just as each project taken on by a scientific laboratory requires different thought processes, specific team capabilities and unique equipment in order to succeed, no two laboratories will be designed the same. For a safe environment that will allow for accurate, efficient work, the supporting facilities must be planned out correctly. For even a great team with the best work ethic and highest standards, cannot achieve an objective without the necessary customized laboratory furniture, providing an optimal space for a specific desired outcome

Understanding your Unique Needs

 When defining the special requirements of the lab work space, many elements need to be taken into consideration and analyzed not only in terms of safe use but also in how often they are utilized, how complicated their function is, or how their implementation affects other lab processes. In order to maintain productivity, lab technicians need to access the equipment quickly, yet in a way that does not compromise other work procedures in the lab. Combining the needs of each lab personal, the space their work requires and the specific hazards their work entitles is a complicated puzzle that calls for an overview of the entire work space with a professional eye.
Sometimes a mobile platform can be the solution, or a cupboard that can carry exceptionally heavy weight. Advancements in laboratory furniture design has brought about exciting novelty creations such as chemical resistant equipment or static shock discharge protection.  Experience with the necessary equipment is key to innovative solutions, as well as thorough planning.
At Mintz Lab Systems, we specialize in planning, designing, and creating the customized furniture used in laboratories. Our creations are of the
highest quality, and considered innovative, efficient and lasting. Find out about our projects here, and let us help you create the safest, most inspiring work space.