About Mintz

Who are we?

Mintz specializes in designing, planning, and manufacturing advanced furniture solutions for the customized laboratory environment for each client, with rich experience in the field, Mintz leading the development and production of chemical fume hoods in Israel.

 Our vision

 Adapting advanced laboratory furniture solutions to each client's unique needs.

 How do we do it in Mintz? Find out how our unique benefits can serve you.

 The Benefits of Mintz - Your Profit

Customization for the client's needs - research, development or teaching labs - each laboratory and its features. To create a customized solution for you, we will set up an introductory meeting with you or your representative to understand your needs and expectations, during which we will take a tour of the showroom to expose you to a variety of possible solutions.

We are here to assist you throughout the work process because it is your close collaboration with the architects, planners and consultants that will bring you satisfaction.

Many solutions, one address - a variety of products and services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of each customer and their work environment and are considered to be the most advanced in quality, durability and efficiency.

Unique Manufacturing Process - Accurate design of the finished product and presentation to the customer even before production begins, gives the customer complete control over the final product at the planning stage.

Providing quality laboratory solutions - our customers' high satisfaction is achieved thanks to our extensive experience, and collaboration with the world's leading laboratory solutions companies: FRIDURIT, TRESPA, BROEN and ASECOS

Uncompromising quality assurance - Mintz adheres to strict local and international standards.

ISO 9001: 2015 - An international standard that defines requirements for quality system management. Complying with this standard ensures that we at Mintz provide you with the highest quality and constantly strive for continuous improvement.

Standards for Safety Testing for fume hoods - The Israeli standard, the European standard, and the American standard place emphasis on user safety through special tests. Learn more about standards.

Want to create a safe and effective aesthetic work environment? All lab solutions, including fume hoods, are in one address - at Mintz.

Contact us and we will provide you with a unique solution of the highest standards.

Experienced and Skilled Human Capital - A skilled team and sophisticated mechanization will execute your requirements with maximum accuracy. Alongside all of these, you will have a project manager who will guide you throughout the project stages. Learn more about human capital