Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment – how to choose?

One of the key questions that is always on the public agenda is how to reduce as much as possible the huge defense budget while minimizing the damage to state security.

We also ask a similar question when designing a chemistry lab, safety is above all - but it is still important to consider additional considerations that will contribute to productivity and creativity in the work environment.

How do you do this by choosing the fume hoods and furniture for the labs?

Maintaining safety in laboratories through the selection of fume hoods and safety cabinets

Whether it is a study lab or a drug production lab, it will in most cases contain fume hoods – that provide protection for lab workers researchers and users against potential reactions of various chemicals.

Because of this role and its importance, when choosing a fume hood, it is important to make sure that it meets Israeli and international standards first and foremost. Compliance with these standards ensures that gases and by-products from the fume hood’s activity do not reach the laboratory space and endanger its occupants.

Beyond the removal of dangerous substances from the lab area, it is important to ensure that it is appropriate in its dimensions and uses for the lab's needs. It is important to make sure that it is adapted to the equipment used by the researcher, in terms of the carrying capacity of the work surface, the material it is made of, the water and gas pipes installed in it, if any, and more.

It is also worth making sure that the chemical fume hood allows easy access to the various infrastructures (such as electricity and water) and is built in a way that allows easy maintenance. All of these will make the lab environment more productive, especially when the fume hood is custom-built according to your needs and dimensions. Generally, a fume hood designed according to the client's unique needs provides greater comfort in the ongoing work compared to the alternatives.

Laboratory furniture and storage solutions

Storage solutions can also be safe and functional. For example, a lab cabinet where the top is used to store fragile equipment should be fitted with an elevation Kent, which will prevent it from falling. Along with choosing storage cabinets with the appropriate dimensions, their degree of functionality needs to be tested for the lab needs: Is there a need for transparent cabinets for storing fragile equipment, removable cabinets with special dimensions to close niches, removable drawers - or a storage solution that combines all of these aspects? Another consideration is the color of the closet: While the lab environment transmits sterility, a color stripe on the side of the closet will add a refreshing twist that will make the workspace more creative and joyful. Even if safety is above all, it does not mean that it is everything ...

Workstation Selection for the Laboratory

The comfort and functionality of the furniture should also be considered when selecting workstations. Another important consideration when choosing desks and workbenches for the lab is their ability to provide maximum space utilization, by combining them with different storage solutions.

For example, lab space can be utilized by adding shelves or cabinets to the workstation.

A well-designed station is more comfortable and if made from quality materials, it will last for a long time, In this context, it is important to check what material the work surface is made of: How resistant is it to the various chemicals that will be placed on it?