Mintz laboratory furniture’s high-quality collaborations

We at Mintz Lab systems are attentive to your need to get the best quality lab solutions. Therefore, we work closely with companies to produce lab solutions – the leaders in their field in the world. This collaboration takes place on several levels: from supplying raw materials for self-production, through products like custom-made ceramic surfaces to exclusive import of products like safety cabinets. What does that mean for you? Collaboration with the leading companies in their field yields a comprehensive, advanced, and reliable solution all in one place.

FRIATEC ceramic surfaces

Founded in 1860, FRIDURIT Technical ceramics specializes in the manufacture of ceramic surfaces, which are particularly resistant to chemicals. What is special about these surfaces? Thanks to raw materials and a rigorous and complex manufacturing process, the surfaces retain their aesthetic shape and full function for many years without having to replace them. The quality of FRIDURIT surfaces gives them additional benefits, including abrasion resistance, non-adsorption, fire resistance, UV resistance, extreme temperature change resistance, heavy weight capacity, contains no solvents, contains no toxic substances, is recyclable.


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TRESPA - High-quality HPL surfaces

TRESPA specializes in the manufacture of TOP LAB boards which are used as workstation surfaces and are suitable for most laboratory uses. As part of close cooperation between the companies, TRESPA provides support and guidance as needed.


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BROEN - Taps and plumbing

BROEN is a manufacturer of a wide range of faucets and plumbing parts designed specifically for laboratories.

Our close collaboration with BROEN allows us to be at the forefront of technological advancement.


More information about BROEN can be found on the company website:

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ASECOS - Lab safety cabinets

Asecos was founded in 1994 and is the largest company in Europe to sell safety cabinets and is at the forefront of the safety revolution in laboratories.

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of safety cabinets whose insulation and sealing allow them to keep the fuel and gases stored inside them from combustion in a fire.

In addition to the fact that asecos is a leader in safety and meets the most stringent standards, the cabinets have a wide range of accessories that also make them very user-friendly.

The cabinets are tested by the GS Independent Testing Institute and comply with European and American standards.


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