Laboratory lockers

Lab lockers - Mintz


Mintz lockers are manufactured under ISO 9001: 2008 standard, made from high quality materials only and according to customer needs.

As part of our collaborative work with the customer for lab characterization and design, we design the locker that will best answer the nature of the lab work. The customer, with the help of the company's consultants, can choose the composition of the drawers and doors in the locker, the height, depth and weight it should carry and of course the design - the shade and finish of the doors and body.

After presenting the complete program to the customer and approving it, the locker goes into production at the Mintz factory, under a controlled process of the highest standard. The transition from design to production is done digitally, ensuring high accuracy and high quality.

The lab cabinet that comes to the customer is a quality, durable product that blends well into the lab environment and, equally important – is aesthetically pleasing.